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Dr. Jerold Rogat 440-461-0203, BAd Dental work! Lyndhurst Ohio ****AVOID************

I was happy going to this dentist for many years, but that is because i couldn't look in my mouth and see the subpar work that was going on. Anyhow, I needed a new night guard, the one they made hurt so bad i couldnt wear it. I have a severe PTSD for dentist as it is and they were like oh well, pay for another one. I did somewhere else, and as it turns out, I also had 7 bad fillings done by rogat over the years all of which are now being converted to crowns!!

So we told him that we weren't going to pay and they said that they would agree as long as we didnt go to an attorney, well guess what, they just TURNED US over to COLLECTIONS.

Did i mention that shaky hand of his with the drill in his hand!! Watch as that thing shakes as it comes close to your face, you should AVOID, Avoid, avoid, just don't go, go somewhere else!

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I've been going to Dr.Rogat for 25 years and he does exceptional work.

You do realize that as you get old, YES, you are getting old - fillings need to be replaced.

It's a fact of life no matter who put in the fillings.

Seriously PTSD over a DENTIST?Grow up.

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